Writing "The Man Who Lost His Soul"

When I decided to write, 'The Man Who Lost His Soul,' I knew it would be a challenging book. It’s not the traditional story anyone would read. How many books do you know of that tackle domestic violence in a relationship/marriage where the man is being abused? Not many, right?


That was one of the reasons I needed to write this book. I had to write something that would get everyone’s attention and make people realize that this goes on, and on a daily basis. Men are physically, mentally and emotionally abused everyday. Hard to believe? Well, not for me and I felt obligated to address this. 


I had to shine light on this and bring it to the forefront and make people uncomfortable a bit. Where a man isn’t strong or brave with his muscular bravado. Joseph became brave in protecting himself and his children at the end of the story. 


The goal was also to get you to think about these men in the world. That they should have a voice in the domestic violence conversation too. This was never to take away from domestic violence that goes on with women (Veronica’s story in The World We Live In series) which is a more prevalent subject to discuss but we can’t forget men too. 


While this was not something I’ve seen firsthand, I knew that I could put myself in Joseph’s shoes and write a prose story that would impact others. This is a story that’s dedicated to men who have dealt with or are experiencing domestic violence in a relationship. 


When I started brainstorming and writing the notes to this book, I knew I had to develop a solid storyline to this. Not only just the storyline of the present, but also the backstory of Joseph’s life and how he’s never experienced love until he met Stephanie. The story starts with him in the hospital and he chronicles how he got there and writes his story. 


Was this an emotional book to write? It sure was and I tried my best to provide you the imagery, feelings and emotions of Joseph and hopefully I accomplished that. That will be something you decide, not me. The feedback is important to me with this book for sure because it’s a men’s issue that concerns me.


It’s not a long read as I try my best not to overwrite books, I want to formulate my thoughts, bring out the character, get you to feel and emote and give you a message at the end of the book. 


The Man Who Lost His Soul is available on the Bookpatch and all other bookstores!


Be good everyone and go accomplish your goals!


Jamell Crouthers


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