Interview with I am black i read-I Woke up a black man

I did an interview with Terrell from I Am Black I Read. I speak on my book, "I Woke Up A Black Man." I share what went into writing the book and so much more! 


Here's the interview for you all to check out! It delves more than what I've shared on my blog and podcast!



Interview with prachesta

I did an interview with Prachesta website where I share my journey as an author and writer. It was a cool interview where I answered some questions about myself and the projects I have worked on and what I'm currently working on. The link is below:

Interview with desert storm media/soulstar live phoenix and program director calvin worthen

This is my first interview in quite sometime with Brother Calvin Worthen here in Phoenix. I was fortunate and blessed to meet him at the Grassrootz Bookstore in Phoenix. We connected, and he interviewed me about some of my books and content. I'm thankful and blessed to have met him and we surely have some things in the works in the near future! Click the video and watch the interview! 

Writer's Life Magazine Feature

The summer of 2017, I was featured in Writer's Life Magazine, a publication for authors to put their work out to the public for people to see what they've written. I was fortunate and blessed to make a connection with the editor of the magazine. This was in the early stages of my writing career. You can get this through digital or a physical copy on the Writer's Life Magazine website.

New magazine feature for Creative Writes Magazine! You can access it digitally or buy the full magazine! Magcloud Spring 2020

Radio Interviews

For the past few years, I have been fortunate and blessed to have interviewed with Luanna Helena, a radio host who does amazing interviews from authors to artists, creators and so many more walks of life. Below is an interview I did with her and she loves to read! If you're an author, she's definitely someone you want to link up with for an interview. I have another interview with her on June 20th to discuss the Kids With Guns series! 


Blog Talk Radio

The YouTube interview I did with Claire Perkins, was a brief conversation to discuss my book, "Code Blue: An Oath to the Badge and Gun Part 1." I talk about the book, why I wrote it and answered some questions about this controversial book. 

My most recent interview with Creatively Speaking Radio with host Luanna Helena. She's the only person who has read every book I've published to date! If you ever want to interview with her, definitely reach out to her! Creatively Speaking Radio interview!