A Woman's Worth Series

A Woman's Worth series was a long time coming and it's been in the works for over 2 years. While the goal of this book series was going to be 12 books, I feel that six books would suffice and do enough to bring some major social issues regarding women to the forefront. The goal for me is to share some important social issues that aren't discussed enough and need stories to bring them to light. I also made this a six book series because I feel that some subject matter can be included in future book series and I want to continue talking about social issues regarding men. A Woman's Worth Parts 1-6 is available in all bookstores! Clicking the book cover takes you to Bookpatch for paperback copies!


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A Woman's Worth Part 1 Excerpt
This is the first chapter to A Woman's Worth Part 1 which tackles the subject of post-partum depression. This is a subject that's not talked about enough in today's world and I felt it was important to write a story about this. I write in a prose format so it's different than the traditional book you would read. I hope you enjoy reading this excerpt!
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