The World We Live In Series

The World We Live In Series tackles so many different social issues from domestic violence to alcohol addiction, drug addiction and many other subjects. This was the hardest series for me to write but after writing all five books, there was a huge sense of fulfillment. The subject matter discussed is graphic in a lot of ways but these stories needed to be told. Each character (19) talks about their life experiences and struggles and it allows you to empathize with them. The books have the character's names, you will not know of their race, ethnicity, or anything else. You will just learn of their life story and where they're at currently in their lives. The book series is available on B&N, Apple, Kobo, Scribd for eBooks. Paperbacks are available on The Bookpatch by clicking a book cover on the bottom of the page! 


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The World We Live In Part 1 Excerpt
This is Chapter 2 of The World We Live In Part 1. The character is Kevin and you find out his struggles in life. This a book on a lot of social issues that plague us in today's world. I write in a prose format so it's different than the traditional book. I hope you enjoy reading this!
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