America, A Country Divided

America, A Country Divided was written in 2017 and published in 2018. It's a book that stands the test of time and speaks on what was going on in the world at that specific time. Some of the subject matter still applies now but I felt that it was a book that I wanted to write for different reasons.


For starters, there's a constant push to keep us as a nation and as a people divided which is the reasoning for the book cover and the book title. I needed to write something that would get people to think about what's going on in the state of affairs in America. 


This wasn't an easy book to write but I wrote it to not be right and diligent in my opinions and feelings. It's more to get you to think about things from a different perspective than what the news media tells you or what you're not necessarily told. 


Hopefully I accomplished the goal of getting people to think and question what's going on around us. It's so important that in the future, we can reflect back on content that was written or spoken by others and see where we were in the world and the direction the world was going. 


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America, A Country Divided



America, A Country Divided



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America, A Country Divided
This is one of a few controversial books I've written over the years. This book was written at a certain time where there were some major issues going on in America and it speaks on what was going on at that time. I hope you enjoy reading a little bit into the early parts of this book I wrote a few years ago!
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