On August 1st'A Man's Plight 2' which will focus on men's mental health and the struggles they go through. The story focuses on George and his story and what he deals with as a man. He's more of a spokesman for men and how important it is to talk about and discuss mental health involving men. 


This is one of the most important books I've written to date because of the mental health issues I've dealt with in my past and still continue to work through everyday. Men's lives are challenging from day to day and we hold in so much and don't always have a trustworthy outlet to talk to. 


Social media has been a huge platform for discussing men's mental health but it can be used against us at times which isn't the goal. The time is now to have these conversations about men's mental health because men are more prone to committing suicide due to their lives struggles.  


You can pre-order Part 2 now and have it when it releases on August 1st!