On January 26th, 'Alphabet City 1' releases, it's the beginning of a new book series! It's been years in the making with this book series and I'm excited to share with you a deep look into the inner city and what a lot of people go through living there.


This story focuses on LJ who has seen and been through a myriad of things that no young man should ever have to experience. Pain, loss, grief, sadness, sorrow, hardship and so many other things.


His story delves into a lot of things from life in Alphabet City to making it out but paying a hefty price to do it. IT's nothing glamorous about LJ's life but just think of how many young men like him live life like this day to day and "don't" make it out. 


While this story is fictional, a lot of it is real life situations that happen to young teenage boys before they turn 18 years old. You'll surely appreciate who LJ is as a man, where he's from and why he's going down the path he is at this juncture of his life. It's a story that was inspired by some books I've read along the way in my life. 


Be prepared for the first book in the series as it releases on January 26th! You can pre-order the eBook here!