On February 26th, 'Alphabet City 2' releases! It's the continuation of the book series and it's from a whole different perspective than what anyone can imagine.


This story focuses on Vicky who is a funeral director and owner of a funeral home in Alphabet City. While she started her funeral home to be a pillar in the community, she has been met with death, murder and loss of so many people in the place she's grown up in.



This book makes you realize how life is so precious and how much we don't have much time to fulfill our purpose in life. Vicky sees so much death, it starts to take a toll on her mind, heart, soul and spirit. It becomes harder for her to watch people die of bad health, young kids dying from gang violence and people overdosing from drugs. 


Nothing is easy being a funeral owner and director and the question becomes whether Vicky is ready to retire or will she push forward and be a help to so many people in need of funeral services in Alphabet City?  You can pre-order 'Alphabet City 2' eBook here!