Behind the scenes work is what a lot of people don't see and understand. But all of that work gets you to the ultimate goal in your journey.
If you want it bad enough, failure is not an option. You keep going and do whatever it takes, nothing you want bad enough comes easy.
One of my favorite blogs I've written. I talk about why I'll always have goals, my mindset on it and sticking to my writing journey.
Friday-Book Insight  · 03. July 2020
Insight to how I started the controversial series, "Code Blue: An Oath to the Badge and Gun Part 1."
We always get told to strive for excellence but are we actually doing it? I talk about this in my blog.
This blog delves into the process of me writing a book from beginning all the way to the end of publishing a book. It's a lot of insight into the process.
Friday-Book Insight  · 26. June 2020
This blog discusses how I get my book ideas through written and video. I have a YouTube video where I talk about this process.
The 4D's is what I live by and have been for years. I talk about how dream, drive, determination and dedication all matter when striving for greatness.
I get asked a lot of questions about my journey but there's one question I get asked daily about being an author and today, I answer it honestly.
Friday-Book Insight  · 19. June 2020
Insight and thoughts into how I ended the series, "The Struggles and Growth of a Man Part 5."

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