The Reality of Corporate America
There are plenty of realities of Corporate America and we know most of them. But there's more that I breakdown when it comes to this monotonous grind.

When The Results Don't Show...
We all work hard at what we're passionate for. We want to see the results for our hard work. But what happens when the results don't show? I share that in today's blog...

You're Not Behind In Life
Friday-Book Insight  · 24. May 2024
This new book that I wrote "You're Not Behind In Life" focuses on life lessons and I delve into how and why I wrote this book. It's a topic that isn't discussed enough...

40 Years of Monotony or Joy and Happiness?
Everyday we get to decide how we want our lives to go. The question becomes, do we want 40 years of monotony or, experiencing joy and happiness?

Faith or Fear?
We all have choices and decisions daily. To choose faith or fear. It's all in our mindset in what direction we go in.

That Voice of Doubt (Fear of Failure)
We all have that voice of doubt in our minds. We question our journey, what direction to head in and even fear of failure. I address that in this blog.

Eliminate Negative Energy From Your Life
Why do we continue to hold onto negative people and energy in our lives? It's not healthy and it's not going to bring us happiness, it's time to change things...

When You Lose Your Joy In Your Passion
The real question is what happens when you lose joy in your passion? What do you do, how do you manage it? A solid blog on how to deal with this...

The Hamster Wheel To Nowhere
We are constantly running the hamster wheel of life leading to nowhere. I delve into this in today's blog, an important one to read!

Don't Skip Steps On Your Journey
Sometimes we are so caught up in getting to the end goal that we tend to skip steps on the journey. I talk about that in today's blog.

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