A Man's Plight Series

A Man's Plight book series was formulated through seeing the world and all of the social issues men face in the world today. Men deal with so much everyday from financial success, marriage, kids, being a provider, addictions, mental health, the pressures and expectations of society and people. It was surely necessary to write a six book series on some of these social issues and tell stories that hopefully will open eyes to what men face daily. We struggle with a lot and my goal was to shine light on these things and obviously to start more conversations on this. We as men get told to be tough, hold it in, therapy is for the weak, we can't emote and it's time to change that narrative.


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A Man's Plight 1, A Man's Plight 2, A Man's Plight 3



A Man's Plight 1, A Man's Plight 2, A Man's Plight 3

A Man's Plight 1
The first chapter of A Man's Plight 1 and how men are portrayed in the media.
A Man's Plight 1 Excerpt.pdf
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