I Woke Up A Black Man

I Woke Up A Black Man was a book that needed to be written. With all of the racial tension going on in society, I knew that it was time for a book like this to be written. The book cover surely grabs people's attention and that surely was my goal from the get go. 


I want people of other races to understand what it's like to be a black man. The story is about Eric who is a white man who wakes up a black man and has to experience life as one of his friends Warren. Warren would always tell him of the daily struggles of being a black man but Eric is going to see it and feel it firsthand and it tackles a myriad of subject matter that is very intense and vulgar. 


While the world can only see things on television, this book I wrote really delves deep into the everyday life of what black men go through. 


I Woke Up A Black Man is available on B&N, Apple, Kobo, Scribd and other bookstores for eBooks. Paperbacks are available on The Bookpatch and the audiobook version is available on Payhip. Below is the blog on my mindset and process with writing this book.


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I Woke Up A Black Man Excerpt
This is a controversial book that has changed my life in so many ways. This is the first chapter of the book where the main character Eric wakes up a black man and doesn't know what to do. I write my books in a prose format so I hope you enjoy reading a sneak peek into this book!
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