Standalone Books

The standalone books I've written over the years have been so important to me. While I do focus on writing series a lot, I wanted to cater to those who like reading standalone books in one shot. From America Under Mind Control to the controversial books in I Woke Up A Black Man and The World In Ruins, there was a need to write about various societal issues that plague us in today's world. It's been nothing short of fulfilling to write some of these books because my goal is to make you think on some of these and others to make you emote, feel and be empathetic. Writing Living Life to the Fullest, One Drink Too Many and The Man Who Lost His Soul, these are life lessons and situations that happen daily and regularly. These are books that hopefully will make the world appreciate life a lot more. I hope you take the time to look over these books and also read the blogs on how I wrote these books on my Book Insight Friday blog section.