One Drink Too Many

One Drink Too Many came from seeing so many tragic accidents and death in the world from drunk driving. A lot of times you never hear the story from the drunk driver. You see it on the news, you shake your head in anger and they get sent off to prison for how ever many years the law allows in that specific state. 


While a lot of people don't want to hear the perspective of the drunk driver, I wanted to write a fictional story that depicts that. I felt that to write a character, I had to step out of my shoes and into theirs. It's a tall task but I'm thankful I was able to write a story like this so people can understand what goes into people being selfish and getting behind the wheel under the influence. 


One Drink Too Many is available on B&N, Apple, Kobo, Scribd and other bookstores for eBooks. Paperbacks are available on The Bookpatch. My blog and podcast on how I wrote this amazing book is below:



One Drink Too Many



One Drink Too Many



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Writing "One Drink Too Many"

One Drink Too Many
This is an excerpt into One Drink Too Many and it's one of the first chapters of the book. This book tackles drunk driving and how one bad decision can affect your life forever. I write in a prose format so I hope you enjoy reading this!
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