Wednesday-Motivation and Inspiration

Activate Your Greatness
Today I want to tell you all that you need to activate your greatness. We all are meant to live the lives we want and I pen how to go about activating your greatness.

You're Special and Have Gifts
We're all blessed and talented with gifts. Whether you believe it or not, it's the truth and I talk about this in today's blog. It's about exploring what you love and then utilize that to impact others and the world.

Compete With Yourself
The reflection in the mirror is you and the reality of it is, we don't even realize that. The focus should always be on yourself and not others. The journey is about growth and I share this in my blog.

You Can't Get Your Time Back
We always think we have time to do that. The reality is we don't and we can't get the time back that we lose out on. This blog delves into that today...

Passion Fuels The Journey
I want you all to always remember that your passion will always fuel your journey. Never lose focus of what your purpose is and what you love. Keep at it, stay the course and know that you'll achieve greatness.

You Are Not A Failure
Today's blog is a reminder that you are not a failure. I want you to know that no matter what you go through, you will achieve greatness.

When In Doubt, Always Believe In Yourself
The title of this blog is my truth. I wanted to make sure that you all believe in yourself no matter what happens in your life. This is a good read about life and how to keep going when you doubt yourself.

Different Environments Produce Different Results
Our comfort zones keep us from achieving greatness. I discuss how doing work in different environments have allowed me to continuously grow and how it helps sparks new ideas daily.

Always Stay Humble
This blog is important to me and it's because I've always focused on being humble on my journey. It's the key to a life of longevity and being fulfilled in all that you do.

Love the Process, Not the Fame
There are so many people who love fame, but don’t enjoy and love the process. They go through a process and work toward making money more than doing it for love and passion. This is the way of the world and how a lot of people think and I’m here to tell you, this doesn’t work in the long run. When you figure out your passion and purpose in life, it should never be about getting famous for what you do. Sadly the world promotes fame so much that people want, seek and crave it by any means....

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