Wednesday-Motivation and Inspiration

You Owe Yourself
Wednesday-Motivation and Inspiration · 20. September 2023
This blog is necessary for you to read. You owe yourself the life that you want. It's hard work, dedication, sacrifices and everything else that comes with the life that you want.

The World Changes Everyday, It's How You Adjust
Wednesday-Motivation and Inspiration · 06. September 2023
The one thing that is constant is the fact that the world changes everyday. The biggest part of our life journey is how we adjust to the world. How we go about maintaining and continuing to grow within ourselves.

Get Better Everyday
Everyday we have a chance to get better. The goals is to always improve daily and I write a solid blog on this. Take the time to read this, it'll be worth it!

Busy or Productive
There's a difference between being busy and being productive. I break it down in today's blog and you'll be surprised to know that one is actually better than the other.

168 Hours A Week
We all get 168 hours a week and it's about how we utilize it. We all have to allocate time to certain things. At the end of the day, we all have time to do the things we want, how are we utilizing our time daily?

Hunt or Be Hunted
It's time to go after you want. It's either hunt or be hunted. I talk about this in today's blog so give this a read because it's necessary if you want to achieve greatness.

99% or 1%
The question is do you want to be in the 99% all of your life or become part of the 1%. The 1% of people who are financially stable, happy and enjoying what they do and constantly challenging themselves to be great.

Protect Your Hunger and Drive
This is an important blog to protect your hunger and drive. We're all destined for greatness but we must be mindful of certain things. I share this in today's blog.

The Working Class Doesn't Get You Financial Stability
If you think working in Corporate America your whole life will get your financial stability, sadly it won't. There's a small percentage of people who actually achieve that so it's time to listen up and read this blog as I explain why Corporate America doesn't give you financial stability.

Activate Your Greatness
Today I want to tell you all that you need to activate your greatness. We all are meant to live the lives we want and I pen how to go about activating your greatness.

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