Wednesday-Motivation and Inspiration

The Reality of Corporate America
There are plenty of realities of Corporate America and we know most of them. But there's more that I breakdown when it comes to this monotonous grind.

40 Years of Monotony or Joy and Happiness?
Everyday we get to decide how we want our lives to go. The question becomes, do we want 40 years of monotony or, experiencing joy and happiness?

That Voice of Doubt (Fear of Failure)
We all have that voice of doubt in our minds. We question our journey, what direction to head in and even fear of failure. I address that in this blog.

When You Lose Your Joy In Your Passion
The real question is what happens when you lose joy in your passion? What do you do, how do you manage it? A solid blog on how to deal with this...

Don't Skip Steps On Your Journey
Sometimes we are so caught up in getting to the end goal that we tend to skip steps on the journey. I talk about that in today's blog.

I Challenge You 2
It's another blog on challenging you! This is another good blog that's a must read. You will enjoy this one for sure!

I Challenge You
Today's blog is an important one. I'm challenging you to do a few things that will significantly change your life! Click to read!

Physically Active
Are we being physically active daily? We need to keep our health good physically and getting our heart pumping and blood flow moving! I talk about this in today's blog.

Emotional Happiness
Do we check in with ourselves daily? Do we make sure that our emotional happiness is good? Let's talk about it!

Spiritual Connections
Do we focus on the spiritual connections in our lives? The people who give us comfort and satisfy our souls? Might be time to explore that component of your life...

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