40 Years of Monotony or Joy and Happiness?

I know what you’re probably thinking in your mind, 40 years of monotony? Yes, that’s the average amount of years people work before they retire. Once people retire, they can finally enjoy their lives. In a nutshell, you work more in your life than actually enjoying it. You’re catering to corporate greed and capitalism for a company than doing what you want for yourself. 


Unless, you’re okay with working Corporate America and climbing the ladder to success. But this blog is more for people who don’t want to work all of their lives for different companies. The question is, do you want to live 40 years of monotony or joy and happiness?


Forty years a long time to be working to pay bills and only having maybe 2-3 weeks of vacation time to enjoy your life. Is that a life you want to live or do you want to be happy and joyous everyday? You get to control your narrative, your life and not be confined to a cubicle, office space or working from home doing something you don’t love. 


Some people settle for 40 years of monotony, is that you? I don’t know, that’s something you have to ask yourself. There are so many people working to get out of the rat race and running the hamster wheel, are you someone who will become part of that crowd? I hope so, because you’re better than what you’re doing and getting paid to do. 


There are many great stories of people walking away from Corporate America and pursuing what they’re meant to do. I want that to be you. I want you to be happy, full of joy, fulfilled in all that you do daily. You’re not dreading Mondays, you’re not looking forward to Friday, you get to work whenever you want and on your own terms. 


Take the time to close your eyes for a moment and visualize the life that you want. Can you see yourself doing all of the things you want? Great, let’s go work on what you’re visualizing in your mind daily. Plan out things and how you want to get to that place in your mind.


Don’t just dream about it, work for it, be it and go after it. You have what it takes!


That’s my blog, thanks for reading, be good and go accomplish your goals!


Jamell Crouthers


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