Social Media

My social media pages are all different elements of me. With each platform, you get a different part of me and who I am as a content creator. My YouTube Channel was started so I can share with everyone my journey as an author, writer, podcaster and creator of so much content. I want to keep you guys in the loop with what's going on with me and how I go about creating all of the content that I do. 


Instagram has been my staple for the past few years. I've been able to show myself and who I am. I post my books and what I've written. I also share music I'm listening to at the moment and I write short poems that I'm feeling at that moment in time. My stories posted are what's going on, in the exact moment of my day or what I'm thinking at a certain time. So feel free to add me on Instagram! 


TikTok is a new platform that has grown exponentially within the past year. I feel that I can utilize this platform to share short videos on my writing journey, share my books and work on growing my brand more. It's a fun way to show my creativity with videos and be more engaging with my content. 


My Twitter has been a platform for me to share random thoughts and repost things related to my personality. It's a different perspective of who I am and the things I think about. I spend more time on this platform engaging with other writers and posting whatever is on my mind in the moment. 


Clubhouse is another growing platform to meet and engage with others and another opportunity for me to meet people, learn of their stories, discuss social issues and other things. 


Feel free to follow me on any of these platforms, you are surely to learn a little about me wherever you follow!