The Man Who Lost His Soul

The Man Who Lost His Soul tackles a social issue in today's world that isn't discussed enough...Domestic violence that happens to men. I don't know why and the reason but the main focal point of domestic violence focuses on women more. 


I felt that there needed to be a story written in a fictional format and from a man's perspective. The world views a man as weak when he is abused physically, mentally or emotionally when it comes to domestic violence. I needed to write a book that shines light on this subject matter. 


While I don't know anyone personally who has experienced this, I have read plenty of stories and observed the world and it's unfortunate that men don't have a voice in this realm. There's more information in my mind with writing this book in my blog below. 


The Man Who Lost His Soul is available at B&N, Apple, Kobo, Scribd and other bookstores for eBooks. The paperback version is available on The Bookpatch



The Man Who Lost His Soul



The Man Who Lost His Soul



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The Man Who Lost His Soul Excerpt
This is the opening chapter to "The Man Who Lost His Soul." It's a tough way to start this book but I needed to, to get the reader's attention on what's currently going on. I write in a prose format so it's different than the traditional book. I hope you enjoy a sneak peek into this standalone book on domestic violence!
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