You're Not Behind In Life

'You're Not Behind In Life' has always been something that's talked about in today's world. We all feel a certain way when we see our family members and/or friends moving through life, accomplishing things, getting engaged, married, having children, advancing in their careers while we feel we're behind. 


This book was important for me to write because I went through it for years and it took me to learn and realize that everyone's time and place comes. Sometimes we forget that patience is a virtue and that everyone's life is different than others. 


To write a book with four characters and two main characters feeling that they're behind in life because their friends are achieving things, it felt good to write this book. 


'You're Not Behind In Life' releases May 24, 2024 and it's surely to be a great book to read! You can pre-order the book on B&N, Apple, Kobo, Scribd and other bookstores. Paperbacks will be available on the release date on The Bookpatch