Mondays With Melo-Inside of My Mind

My Mind Wanders A Lot
My mind wanders a lot and it's because there are so many thoughts going through my head. I have so much to process at once and this blog delves into how my mind wanders.

Eating, Sleeping and Breathing My Passion
This is a good blog to get inside of my mind and why I'm passionate for what I do everyday. I talk about how blessed I am to have the talent and abilities I have. I am thankful to GOD for pushing me toward my purpose in life.

Never Satisfied
Sometimes I don't know why I'm never satisfied with all that I've accomplished. Maybe it's a way to keep myself from getting complacent. Maybe there's more to it. You'll have to read the blog to find out...

Allocating Your Time to the Right Things
I always go after my goals no matter what. The biggest thing is allocating your time to the right things. Time can be your friend but it can also be your enemy. I talk about how I allocate my time to the right things daily.

Life of a Sigma Male
Everyone talks about alpha and beta males. But no one talks about sigma males. I delve into what sigma males qualities are, what they're about and how my personality fits into that more than alpha and beta males.

Thankful My Writing Journey Started Late (In My 30s)
The best part about life is learning about yourself. You figure out your passion and purpose and I count my blessings that my writing journey and everything else started late and in my early 30s.

Self-Reflection Of My Journey
With me always working and focusing on what's next, I very rarely take the time to self-reflect on my writing journey. I explain why in this blog.

My Time of Doing Nothing
Sometimes, it's necessary to slow down and do nothing. I have times where I do this and it helps me immensely. I talk about how it helps to recharge my battery and my mind.

I Broke All of the Rules (As An Author)
I've never been someone who follows the rules when it comes to certain things. I surely was someone who broke the rules when it came to writing and being an author. I share how I did it in this blog.

My Mental Struggles Internally
I've always been transparent with my journey and today's blog is no different. I share my mental health struggles that I go through on my life journey. From writing to life, it's important I share this because it can help people now and in the future.

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