Mondays With Melo-Inside of My Mind

Mondays With Melo-Inside of My Mind · 21. September 2020
This is a blog that speaks truth about being an entrepreneur and how it's not easy in any way, shape or form. A lot goes into it and it's not something to look cool in doing. There's a lot of work that goes into it.
Mondays With Melo-Inside of My Mind · 14. September 2020
This blog I talk about the moment I achieved success, how I think about it in my mind and it's not what you're thinking in your head.
Mondays With Melo-Inside of My Mind · 07. September 2020
A lot goes into achieving success and I talk about that in this blog. I talk about how I've had to sacrifice a lot to get to where I am currently and it's never easy.
In this blog, I talk about the hardest part about writing, what it takes to get my books done and why it's imperative to finish what you start.
This was a blog I never intended to write but I felt it was time I write how my brain works when it comes to writing. I share a few things, it's an interesting read.
Sometimes you can be doing certain things in life that prepare you for another journey. While I never thought I'd become an author, writing poetry for 20 years before publishing my first book prepared me for this journey I'm currently on.
There are a lot of struggles that I go through as an author. I share my truth on what those are and what it takes to be an author that writes and publishes consistent content.
Becoming successful consists of a lot of bumps in the road and it's never a straight line to get there.
The biggest part of everything I've been doing is embracing my journey. Understanding and knowing how much hard work it takes to achieve greatness.
Watching motivational videos keeps me going and wanting to strive for greatness. Sometimes we all need that push to keep grinding and accomplish your goals.

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