Mondays With Melo-Inside of My Mind

Behind the scenes work is what a lot of people don't see and understand. But all of that work gets you to the ultimate goal in your journey.
One of my favorite blogs I've written. I talk about why I'll always have goals, my mindset on it and sticking to my writing journey.
This blog delves into the process of me writing a book from beginning all the way to the end of publishing a book. It's a lot of insight into the process.
I get asked a lot of questions about my journey but there's one question I get asked daily about being an author and today, I answer it honestly.
There's a purpose for me everyday and while I accomplish a lot and have done so in the past four years, I don't celebrate much. It's about the journey more than the accolades.
I share how it feels to be an author, what it's like being an author, why I don't celebrate my accomplishments and my drive to continually challenge myself to be the best storyteller.
This blog is about my passion for what I do along with telling people to follow what they love to do on a daily basis.
A look into my mind, how I write, why I write the content I do and what drives me on a daily basis.
My first blog on my new website where I talk about what Mondays With Melo will consist of and how my journey as an author started.