Mondays With Melo-Inside of My Mind

My Fulfillment and Joy
This was a fun blog for me to write as I talk about my fulfillment and joy in life. I'm in a happy place and my life is coming together just the way I like it.

Are You Mentally, Physically and Emotionally Prepared For Success?
Mondays With Melo-Inside of My Mind · 19. September 2022
The blog title is the all-important question. Sometimes we think we're ready for all that's to come with success. This blog begs to differ and I pen a blog that answers the important questions.

Using My Passion To Impact Others
Mondays With Melo-Inside of My Mind · 05. September 2022
No matter how far I go on my journey, I want to use my passion to impact others. I want to help people succeed in life and follow their passion and purpose. Today's blog, I share that part of me.

Learning From The World
I learn so much from the world and what's going on around me. From people's stories to life situation, this blog goes into how much I learn a lot and it allows me to write and create the stories I do.

Self-Doubt Is Part of Self-Growth
We spend a lot of our lives doubting ourselves in who we are, our purpose, going after what we want and so many other things. But what if it was part of your growth in life? I talk about this in today's blog.

No One Will Outwork Me
The one thing I always say is no one will outwork me. I'm in competition with myself at all times but I know how much people are working toward their goals. The one thing that separates them from me is my work ethic and this blog explains that.

The Mental Drive To Be The Best
This is a blog where I talk about how much mental drive is what keeps me going and wanting to be the best. There's a lot that goes into my work and doing all of the writing that I do. I'm thankful for the journey I've been on.

My Journey Across The Country
Another blog of my life journey and transparency. I talk about my move across the country in November 2020 that has changed my life immensely.

Write Everything Down
Writing everything down helps me to stay organized and get so many things done. I talk about how my 'to do' lists have allowed me to write all of the books I have, the blogs and record my podcasts.

Mental Health Is Important On Your Journey
This blog today is one of my deepest ones I've written. Mental health is imperative in your journey through life and I pen a blog that talks about my mental health. I talk about my journey into therapy and getting the help I need to get my mind right. Transparency is important for me and it's time I share the deeper parts of my life journey...

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