When The Results Don't Show...

When we pursue something that we love and are passionate about, we expect certain results. We’ve done all of the hard work, we’ve put the time into what we love and we hope that everyone receives it and supports what we’re doing.


Sadly, it doesn’t always workout that way. We are disappointed, we’re annoyed, we’re frustrated, we feel a lack of worth, we want to give up. Well, I’m here to tell you, the best things in life that we want to have fulfillment in, takes time, a lot of it.


If we were all given things right away, we wouldn’t enjoy it, we wouldn’t cherish it. We wouldn’t appreciate the hard work, we’d get caught in self-gratification. It’s why the results don’t always show right away.


For me, as a writer and author, I’ve watched people’s first book become bestsellers. Yes they worked hard on the book, they achieved something big and it’s great for them. But…the next book they write, they will probably feel more pressure to write another great one. 


There were moments where I questioned my journey and why did they achieve great results with their book? I don’t know what they had to go through to get there but here I was being judgmental. I didn’t understand that this is going to be a longevity situation for me. 


So my results aren’t going to show right away. Social issues books are touchy, they’re hard to soak in sometimes. They’re hard to take in when it’s tough subject matter. Which is something I always take into account when I’m writing the content I am.

Am I upset now that a few authors were successful with their first book? Not anymore, the average author writes no more than 5 books. I’m already at 56 books as you’re reading this. It’s why I no longer worry about not achieving the results that I had expected. 


The reality is, the results aren’t going to show for anything we do right away. A lot of things will take consistent time, patience, energy and effort. Along with dedication and discipline in the process. Let’s be mindful of those words and follow them daily. 

We can get caught up in instant gratification because of the culture and world that we live in. Sometimes we need to slow down, realize and understand that hard work pays off. It might be years before you see the results you’re looking for. 


I’m eight years into writing and publishing books. I’m in year four of writing blogs for my website. I’m in year four of my podcast and journey as a writer and author. Some weeks and months are better than others but at this point, there’s no stopping for me. 

For me, the results are going to show somewhere along the lines. The conversations will be had with my books. Someone will be motivated and inspired by my blogs and podcasts. That’s my goal at the end of the day, for people to be engaged and reciprocal to the work I’ve put out for the world to read, listen to and talk about. 


Don’t worry about immediate results, continue to do the work, continue to be consistently motivated to achieve whatever your heart wants and desires. 


Thank you for reading my blog, have a good week, be good and go accomplish your goals!


Jamell Crouthers


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