Being Thankful For Where We Are

There’s one thing that I always do and it’s be thankful for where I am. It’s important that we keep things in perspective and we’re thankful for where we are. I mean that from a good space, not necessarily if you’re struggling with a certain health issue or physical ailment.


We lose sense of how blessed we truly are, we have a home, a bed to sleep in, clothes on our backs, food to eat, appliances that we can use. Sure inflation is at an all-time high and it can be challenging to make ends meet, it’s not a good thing to see and I don’t want anyone struggling in life. 


We forget to count our blessings for the simplest things. We are always thinking of what’s next or how can I get to this place without embracing where we are. We want more money, the next career opportunity right away, faster internet, self-gratification, that next big purchase (car, phone, tablet, home). 


Materialism has become the thief of joy of what we currently have. There’s nothing wrong with upgrading devices every few years but every year, is it necessary? It’s the hamster wheel hip-hop artist J.Cole talks about in an interview a few years ago with Angie Martinez.


We become part of the running hamster wheel of wanting more. You don’t have the newest phone, the hi-definition HDTV OLED television, you don’t have that brand new car, or the biggest home known to mankind. If you want more of something, you’ll continually chase it and never stop. It was perfectly said by J.Cole. 


Sometimes we forget to be thankful we have a job to have income. There are those struggling to find employment after being laid off from their company. Or the fact that we can go into a supermarket and get most of the things we need when there are homeless people who are starving and go days at a time without eating. 


Or how we have access to water where we can take a good shower to clean our bodies. There are people who would love to be able to wash and lather their bodies everyday. These are just a few of the many things we lose touch of when we are going through life. 

We complain, go through the motions so much. Are we thankful that we wake up everyday? I bet sometimes we take for granted that we woke up and we have all of our senses and extremities. I’m guilty of it myself, which is why I find myself realizing, I need to slow down and be thankful for so much. 


Even the simplest form of fate can keep something bad from happening to us. A car accident, a bus accident, a robbery at a store we go to, anything to be honest. These are the things we need to get back to being thankful for. 


Think about it, take the time to be thankful for all that you have and where you are currently and whatever you’re working toward or striving for, you’ll get there. 


Jamell Crouthers


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