Don't Skip Steps On Your Journey

We all want to be successful, happy and fulfilled in what we do in our lives. But sometimes, we tend to skip steps on our journey to get to the end goal. We’ve gotta get out of the habit of wanting to skip things that are important to get us to where we want to be. We’re so fixated on the finish line that we are not fully embracing the journey we’re on.


Let’s say you want to be the most successful in your specific profession and field. What are you willing to do to get to where you want to be? Are you willing to sacrifice certain things, live a healthy life from a mental, spiritual, emotional and physical standpoint? You can’t skip getting the right rest, eating right, taking care of yourself mentally.


You can’t say you’re not going to do something important that will set you up for the success you seek. Are you going to study, read, and do repetitive things to get better at what you’re passionate about? Are you going to stick to routines and be disciplined in what you’re doing? Are you going to study the people who are successful in your specific field to see what they did to get to where they are?


Studying the greats is necessary to see what worked for them. It’s the little, intricate things that set you apart from others. You can’t do things when you want, sometimes you have to do things when you don’t want to. How many days do you skip because you’re not up for doing certain things? Or do you push through what you need to, to finish the tasks that are important.


It’s the consistency and discipline that you need to do that will help in the long run. Are you looking for the results right away or are you playing the long game and willing to go through the journey? When you achieve a little success, do you let it get to you or are you continuing to do the steps in the process of continually growing?


Sometimes you’ll see people achieve great results but the longevity of it doesn’t last. People don’t have and put things in place to make sure that the success stays consistent. That’s when you see there are holes and gaps in what they did. They may have not done things organically. We see the outside of what a person has achieved, but the success fades off in due time. You’ll wonder what happened, they skipped steps, that’s one of the things that they experienced.


It’s wanting to start a business and not making the right investment into building a solid, efficient website that people can navigate easily. It would be going the cheap way and you hit bumps in the road and having to re-do the website instead of paying someone who is an expert or working on the website on your own and learning how to build one. 


That’s a small example of many things that can happen when you skip steps. We’ve gotta get out of the mindset of self-gratification and focus on knowing everything special is a marathon. No matter what it is in life, everything is a process. 


Don’t worry about what people are doing, focus on your own grind and journey. We all get to where we want to be when it’s supposed to happen. Remember to not skip the steps along the way. 


Thank you for reading my blogs as always, have a good week, be good and go accomplish your goals!


Jamell Crouthers


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