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Don't Skip Steps On Your Journey
Sometimes we are so caught up in getting to the end goal that we tend to skip steps on the journey. I talk about that in today's blog.

Self-Reflection Of My Journey
With me always working and focusing on what's next, I very rarely take the time to self-reflect on my writing journey. I explain why in this blog.

My Journey Across The Country
Another blog of my life journey and transparency. I talk about my move across the country in November 2020 that has changed my life immensely.

Some Won't Understand Your Journey
A lot of people won't understand your journey. I write this blog for a purpose and a reason. I loved writing this blog because I can speak from experience with this. Click the link, it's worth the read!

Most People Can't Go On Your Journey
The one thing I've learned is not everyone can go on your life journey with you. You'll probably take a handful with you, I talk about this in my blog.

Writing For 20 Years Prepared Me For This Journey
Sometimes you can be doing certain things in life that prepare you for another journey. While I never thought I'd become an author, writing poetry for 20 years before publishing my first book prepared me for this journey I'm currently on.

The Hardest Part About Being An Author
There are a lot of struggles that I go through as an author. I share my truth on what those are and what it takes to be an author that writes and publishes consistent content.