Writing For 20 Years Prepared Me For This Journey

If you’ve read my previous blogs about how I started writing poetry at the age of 13 and I didn’t publish my first book until I was 33 years old, it’s all true. But here’s the thing, those 20 years of a love/hate relationship writing about life, love, happiness, sadness, it all prepared me to write the content that I do. 


No one really knew I wrote like that and even former college friends I went to school with were shocked to know that I wrote for so long. I don’t have all of that content anymore and it’s fine that I don’t, it doesn’t bother me to be honest. I’m not necessarily dying to share a lot of that content but I have photographic memories of when I wrote and what I wrote about. 


I was storytelling back then but I was doing it from my perspective. All of the emotions, feelings I went through, it prepared me to write these stories that come onto the paper like as if it was me experiencing it myself (granted most of the content I’ve written I’ve experienced myself).


The 20 years I wrote all of those poems, it put me in this imaginary place of solace where I can express myself and not be judged. Now, I can put characters' names into books, make them fictional and talk about myself without anyone really ever knowing. It makes the stories more believable and relatable because I don’t want to make my writing about me. I want to make my writing about these characters that can actually be real people when you think about it. 


The time spent alone, in dark spaces of my life or when I’m feeling good, inspired, motivated, that comes out in my writing but in a different way. It’s amazing how you can reflect on a lot of moments in your life and realize that where I am, I was preparing myself for it. Now, was I born to do this? I don’t know, that’s not a question I’m truly ready to answer but some people think I was born to do this. 


I’ve been told this is a talent and gift I had all along but it’s hard to believe when you’ve been so fixated on making it in sports. I can truthfully say I’m blessed to have this ability to do this and I will always write engaging content that will resonate with others. 


I did a lot of different things before I got to this place. One thing can be preparing you for something else, you never know so pay attention to your talents and gifts. Stay focused on your journey and your purpose in life.


Be good everyone and go accomplish your goals!


Jamell Crouthers


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