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If you want to control your life and what you do daily, you have to get to a place of independence. It's not easy but it's what has to be done to run your own show and live on your own terms.
The biggest part of everything I've been doing is embracing my journey. Understanding and knowing how much hard work it takes to achieve greatness.
Friday-Book Insight  · 24. July 2020
Insight and thoughts on how I wrote, "Code Blue Part 4."
If you're not happy with what you're doing and in your life, you won't achieve the success you deserve. Starting with that aspect will go a long way.
Watching motivational videos keeps me going and wanting to strive for greatness. Sometimes we all need that push to keep grinding and accomplish your goals.
Friday-Book Insight  · 17. July 2020
Insight to how I wrote, "Code Blue 3" which takes a slight turn in direction and a special case Gary works on.
If you're not willing to grind everyday, accomplishing your goals won't be possible. I talk about this and other things that you need to achieve greatness.
Behind the scenes work is what a lot of people don't see and understand. But all of that work gets you to the ultimate goal in your journey.
Friday-Book Insight  · 10. July 2020
Insight to how I wrote, "Code Blue Part 2" and how I start to develop this into a controversial series.
If you want it bad enough, failure is not an option. You keep going and do whatever it takes, nothing you want bad enough comes easy.

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