Life of a Sigma Male

Quiet. Inquisitive. Thinker. Planner. Not focused on what others are doing. Mentally planning what they’re passionate about. Knowing their talents and gifts can inspire and change others. 


This is the life of a Sigma male. Sigma males aren’t discussed in today’s society because the focus is always on alphas and betas. It’s the divide between those two when there are others in this spiritual realm. There are Sigmas and Omegas but I’m focusing on Sigmas in this blog. 


The reason why I’m focused on Sigmas is because I am one. I always knew that I wasn’t an Alpha or a Beta and it wasn’t until the end of 2021 when I came across a video on YouTube that talked about Sigma males. I clicked on the video and before I knew it, I realized it describes me perfectly. 


I began clicking more videos and started learning more about myself. Sigma males have inquisitive minds, we keep to ourselves and are very introverted. We don’t spend a lot of time exerting energy we don’t need to and small talk doesn’t do us too well.

Sigma males are deeper in their thinking and love engaging conversations. After time with a group of people, we surely need recovery time and we love alone time to ourselves. We tend to be secretive but that’s the intriguing aspect to us where we don’t share everything with others. 


Our circles are really small and we keep life very simple. We share our special moments with those closest to us. We don’t try to fit into certain labels and we know what we’re good at and capable of. My talents and gifts are great to have but I’m not beneficial to the world if I’m not sharing those things with others. 


That’s a good amount of what Sigma males are and what their minds and lives consist of. I would share more but then it would take away the intrigue of us and who we are. I hope this blog helps and opens your eyes to more roles of men and who we are in today’s world. Be good everyone and go accomplish your goals!


Jamell Crouthers


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