My Journey Across The Country

October 3, 2020 was the day I was approved for my Phoenix, Arizona. It was the craziest but scariest thing I’ve ever done. I always knew I’d never stay in NYC for the long haul. I said it the moment I came home from my college graduation on May 15, 2005. The only thing was….the day was actually here. 


The joy in my mom's eyes when I told her I got approved. The smile my aunt had and excitement for me said it all. I was excited, I spent that night writing out everything I needed for my apartment. I walked around my mom’s place and wrote down everything she had from her bathroom to the kitchen. 


This journey was about to begin and it felt amazing. I spent the next few weeks preparing for everything. My finances were together, I found a moving company, bought boxes to pack my stuff and prepare to sleep on a blow up bed for two weeks. It was a lot but I surely had a support system that I’m so thankful for. 


When I landed in Phoenix, it was my first time in this city ever. It was surely a different vibe and feel and I had a feeling that this was going to be a great start to my journey. This move was much needed and it would rejuvenate me mentally, spiritually and emotionally. 


Moving into my apartment, I walked into 15 boxes that I ordered and needed to be opened. It was all of the necessities for my apartment. It was a brand new apartment, no one had lived in it and it was so nice. I looked out my window and had views of the mountains. Within a month, my apartment was, altogether, complete and felt like home. I even have a nice picture in my living room of the NYC skyline (had to bring home with me a little). 


My goal was always to live in Los Angeles but Phoenix was surely option 2. God definitely had plans for me to be in Phoenix and I’m thankful that he placed me here. I have mountain views from my apartment, the scenery is beautiful, the weather is great (summers are really hot) but I wouldn’t change it for the world. 


After living here a few months, I can say this will be my new home for the foreseeable future. You never know where I can end up but I will say, I will go where it’s going to be comfortable, affordable, and a place where I can continually grow as a man and as a writer. 


That’s my blog for today, hope you enjoyed this one! Be good everyone and go accomplish your goals!


Jamell Crouthers


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