Writing "A Man's Plight 2"

Writing, ‘A Man’s Plight 2’ was challenging for me. It’s only because I’m delving deeper into men's social issues but speaking it from a mental health standpoint. This story focuses on George who is a young man in his 30s telling his story of mental health struggles in his life currently. He speaks on a myriad of things that affect him daily.


Mental health has become more of a discussion now in today's world but not enough on the men’s side. There’s still the stigmas of men getting help for their struggles. There’s also the toxic masculinity term that’s used so loosely and I used this story as an opportunity to talk about that. 


There’s so much to George’s story and he speaks on behalf of a lot of men in this world who feel so much pressure to get everything right in life. The job, finances, overall mental health, dating, relationships, finances, stability, how men are perceived by others and so many more things. 


It takes George to tell his whole story, to speak on behalf of men and what they’re feeling and going through to finally get therapy for all that he deals with daily. With all of the symptoms of depression and anxiety, George knows it’s time to get the help he needs and no longer care about what others think. 


It’s hard and challenging to write content like this because men are judged so much in their lives. George’s story is about so many men in this world and that’s a sad reality. There is so much pressure to get it right in a world full of expectations. We hold so many feelings and emotions inside because we don’t have an outlet to talk to anyone. That’s something that’s discussed in this book and I wanted to make that a strong point along with plenty of other things.


The goal of this story is to delve into the majority of what goes on inside of most men’s minds daily. Most are silently suffering and no one even knows it. Hopefully people come away from this story fully understanding the amount of thoughts we have daily and there’s more discussion on how to be there for men.


‘A Man’s Plight 2’ is available on B&N, Apple, Kobo, Scribd and Paperbacks are available on The Bookpatch!


Be good everyone and go accomplish your goals!


Jamell Crouthers


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