The Emotional Toll of Writing The World We Live In Series

The emotional toll of writing this series was immense. There were a lot of breaks while writing it. It took plenty of time to write this series as the intensity of addressing these social issues took a toll on my mind. It was due to the fact that these things go on everyday in the world (which explains the title of this series).


Certain characters were harder to write because I was immersed in them and living their lives in those moments I was writing them. I can truthfully attest that some of these societal issues I’ve seen with my own eyes or I have known people who have experienced these things. 


While I knew I had to be a spokesperson and voice for these people, I felt a responsibility and obligation to bring them to light. I needed to tell stories for them and for others in this world that are going through these things or have been through it in their past. 


Let’s just say it was the saying of, “blood, sweat and tears,” to write this series definitely applied. Imagine trying to write about 19 different characters and telling stories from various perspectives and age groups. If you notice, you don’t know the race of these characters or what they’ve experienced in the table of contents. The reason why is because these societal issues can happen to anyone and everyone in this world. 


It was important to tell these stories without judgment and if you also notice, I utilized names that can be of any race, ethnicity for the most part. These are the little things that I thought about, taken into account before I typed one word into my laptop. 


Knowing that I was experiencing emotions where I had to step away multiple times, especially writing Part 1 of the series, I knew that I had something special brewing. When I started getting reviews from the first book, it honestly motivated me more to write better. 


What I want people to know is these books weren’t easy to write in any way and that we have to start looking deeper into these societal issues that I’ve written about. Let’s stop sweeping a lot of these things under the rug and start tackling these things and making the world a better place. 


Be good everyone and go accomplish your goals!


Jamell Crouthers


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