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Friday-Book Insight  · 01. April 2022
Writing "A Woman's Worth 4"
Alcohol addiction and mental health have been a major social issue affecting us in today's world. It affects women at a high rate and A Woman's Worth 4 is a book where I write about these things. This story is so important and my blog talks about what went into writing this book.
Friday-Book Insight  · 18. March 2022
Character Insight 'Kids With Guns' Blog #3
Another continuation blog of the 'Kids With Guns' series where this one is the nitty and gritty of characters. This will surely be a good one if you click and read!
Friday-Book Insight  · 04. March 2022
Writing "A Woman's Worth 3"
A Woman's Worth 3 was a book that I wrote that talks about young women not having good role models in the media. There's way more to this book, my blog goes in depth with my reason for writing this book in the series.
Friday-Book Insight  · 18. February 2022
Character Insight 'Kids With Guns' Blog #2
Today's blog is the continuation of character insight into the book series, 'Kids With Guns' which talks about more characters and how that impacted the series. It's definitely another solid blog of content!
Friday-Book Insight  · 04. February 2022
Writing "A Woman's Worth 2"
Writing, 'A Woman's Worth 2' was so important for me. Discussing maternity leave in America after doing extensive research on other countries, I talk about why there needs to be major changes with women's time off from work to care for their newborn children.
Friday-Book Insight  · 07. January 2022
Writing "A Woman's Worth 1"
It's the start of one of my biggest book series I've written in, "A Woman's Worth." This blog, I write about the start of this series, the subject matter, why I wrote about it and how important it is to shine light on this social issue.
Friday-Book Insight  · 17. December 2021
A Woman's Worth Series 2022
Attention! This is the blog I've been waiting to post for 2 years! A Woman's Worth book series is coming in 2022! This is a series I've been working on for the longest, this blog is worth the read! I talk about what's to come with this 6 book series in 2022!
Friday-Book Insight  · 03. December 2021
Writing "The Private Investigator 5"
The ending of 'The Private Investigator' series brings Gary and Joe into a case that they've seen before. I pen how I wrote the last book of this series and how women deal with domestic violence at the hands of police officers.
Friday-Book Insight  · 19. November 2021
Writing "The Private Investigator 4"
The Private Investigator 4 was one of the more important books in the series. It deals with women's safety as police officers on the force and how they aren't protected. This was a powerful story that needed to be written. I share my thoughts on writing this important book in the series.
Friday-Book Insight  · 05. November 2021
Writing "The Private Investigator 3"
Today's blog is a good one and I talk about how I wrote, "The Private Investigator 3." It's a story that deals with an inmate being killed in a prison. These cases happen often but a lot of them don't get investigated. I delve into this story line and writing this book.

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