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Friday-Book Insight  · 15. January 2021
A Man's Struggles/Social Stigmas
I write an all-important blog as I talk about men's struggles and social stigmas in today's world. It is an emotional one where I share my struggles as a man.
Friday-Book Insight  · 11. December 2020
My thought process on tackling a societal issue that doesn't get discussed dealing with domestic violence in relationships/marriages. It's a story like no other...
Friday-Book Insight  · 06. November 2020
Writing "I Woke Up A Black Man"
Insight into my most controversial book, "I Woke Up A Black Man." The concept behind it, why I wrote it, why I felt it was necessary to write it and the controversial book cover.
Friday-Book Insight  · 05. June 2020
Insight to how I wrote, "The Struggles and Growth of a Man Part 3."
Friday-Book Insight  · 29. May 2020
Insight to how I wrote The Struggles and Growth of a Man Part 2.
Friday-Book Insight  · 22. May 2020
Writing "The Struggles and Growth Part 1"
A look into writing my first book, "The Struggles and Growth of a Man Part 1"