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Friday-Book Insight  · 11. September 2020
The ending of the series, this is the insight to finishing The World We Live In.
Friday-Book Insight  · 28. August 2020
My thought process on writing, The World We Live In Part 3. It's the longest book I've written to date and a transitional phase of this series.
Friday-Book Insight  · 14. August 2020
Insight into the writing of The World We Live In Part 1. The process, societal issues I address in the book and how I thought of 19 characters to tell stories about.
Friday-Book Insight  · 07. August 2020
To get into a zone to write the Code Blue series, I had to find the right music. I talk about how I was able to write such a powerful series about police brutality and other things going on in America today.
Friday-Book Insight  · 17. July 2020
Insight to how I wrote, "Code Blue 3" which takes a slight turn in direction and a special case Gary works on.
Friday-Book Insight  · 03. July 2020
Insight to how I started the controversial series, "Code Blue: An Oath to the Badge and Gun Part 1."
Friday-Book Insight  · 26. June 2020
This blog discusses how I get my book ideas through written and video. I have a YouTube video where I talk about this process.