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The Hardest Book I've Written To Date
Friday-Book Insight  · 09. April 2021
Every book has it's challenges. Today's blog, I delve into the hardest book I've written to date, the reason why and how it's helped me grow as a writer and author.

Are There Books That Don't Get Published?
Friday-Book Insight  · 19. March 2021
We as authors have ideas for books but sometimes there are books that don't get published.

Writing "The Man Who Lost His Soul"
Friday-Book Insight  · 11. December 2020
My thought process on tackling a societal issue that doesn't get discussed dealing with domestic violence in relationships/marriages. It's a story like no other...

Writing "America Under Mind Control"
Friday-Book Insight  · 13. November 2020
The mindset of writing, "America Under Mind Control," what went into it, why I wrote it and the goal behind writing a controversial book of this magnitude.

Writing "I Woke Up A Black Man"
Friday-Book Insight  · 06. November 2020
Insight into my most controversial book, "I Woke Up A Black Man." The concept behind it, why I wrote it, why I felt it was necessary to write it and the controversial book cover.

Writing "Kids With Guns Part 5"
Friday-Book Insight  · 23. October 2020
The ending of the series Kids With Guns as I speak on gun control briefly and why I wrote certain characters a certain way.

Writing "Kids With Guns Part 4"
Friday-Book Insight  · 16. October 2020
Insight into Kids With Guns 4 and it's a sneak peek into the ending of the book and Marc's finishing of his investigation.

Writing "The World We Live In Part 5"
Friday-Book Insight  · 11. September 2020
The ending of the series, this is the insight to finishing The World We Live In. It was an emotional toll to write this series but I will say finishing this series was very fulfilling after talking about serious social issues that affects us in today's world.

Writing "The World We Live In Part 3"
Friday-Book Insight  · 28. August 2020
My thought process on writing, The World We Live In Part 3. It's the longest book I've written to date and a transitional phase of this series.

Writing "The World We Live In Part 1"
Friday-Book Insight  · 14. August 2020
Insight into the writing of The World We Live In Part 1. The process, societal issues I address in the book and how I thought of 19 characters to tell stories about.

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