Writing "Kids With Guns Part 4"

Kids With Guns 4 is a book with a combination of things that happen. I knew the ending of the trial was definitely the headline to this book. I also knew that there had to be more to this book than just that. If you’ve been paying attention to Marc and Brittany throughout the series, you’ll realize that they’re on the brink of exposing a lot of the realities of school shootings.


That was the added component to this book and I had to bring that to light. Yes you’ll get the emotional perspectives from various characters and where does the town go from here. But there’s also pieces of the puzzle to this case that you’ll start to see and it will hopefully open your eyes to the agendas going on with school shootings and violence in America. 


There was a need to make this book powerful, especially with Marc speaking his truth at the end of the book. It will either shock and appall you or you will already know the true realities of what’s going on behind closed doors in government agencies in America. 


I knew that after writing that chapter with Marc, it would shape the way the last book of the series will go. I put a little pressure on myself and I was going to wait until Part 5 to do it but it was only fair to write it in Part 4 because I didn’t want the reader having to wait for another book until Marc spoke of what he found out investigating the case.


Part 4 of the series is available on Bookpatch and all other bookstores! The ending insight of Part 5 comes next week! 


Be good everyone and go accomplish your goals!


Jamell Crouthers


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