Writing "The Struggles and Growth Part 2"

When I decided to make this a series, I knew in my mind, I had to make it impactful and make it count. While Part 1 started off slow and it progressed gracefully, I knew that 'The Struggles and Growth of a Man Part 2'  had to start with a punch. I decided to incorporate Robert’s drug addiction into something more serious. 


It was hard to do but I knew I had to. The goal was to start with struggle and to have Robert emote more than he wants to. I had to break Robert out of his comfort zone of holding everything in and writing the book from a perspective of, it’s okay for men to emote, feel, cry, be angry and other feelings. 


With all that is happening throughout the book, he’s struggling to find solace in all that’s happening in his life. Along with that, he’s forced to look to Michael as his comfort. Michael and Robert form a stronger bond from a distance with the unfortunate events that have occurred (I can’t disclose those things, you have to read the book to find out). 


I enjoyed writing this book because it changed the landscape of how men feel and emote. It brought Robert out in a light that no one would expect. My goal is to get the reader more drawn in to Robert and also start to learn about Michael a little more. 


There was really no major goal of incorporating Michael more into the series but what better way than to show Robert’s soft side than having a younger brother that looks up to him and tries to emulate (in good and bad ways).  


As the book progresses, Robert takes a big step in his life and decides to go to therapy. That’s another aspect of social culture that men are supposed to always be strong and not need help from anyone. I wanted to break that social stigma and hopefully I accomplished that by adding it to the book. 


There you have it, I gave you a little insight into the book without giving it away too much, The Struggles and Growth of a Man Part 2 is available on Bookpatch and all other bookstores!


Be good and go accomplish your goals.


Jamell Crouthers



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