Writing "Code Blue Part 3"

Planning out 'Code Blue Part 3' of this series was interesting for me. When I write Part 3 of the series, there’s always a transitional phase of not only characters but also the storyline of these characters. With all that Gary was dealing with in his personal life and Gary, Jr. wanting nothing to do with his father, I had to shine a little light for Gary. 


There had to be an incorporation of risk/reward for what Gary has not spoken about in the line of duty. He gets a chance to go work with the DEA. While there’s this hesitance to do it, in his mind, it’s like finally I’m getting my due and respect. This doesn’t normally happen in the real world but I like to loop stories and change things up to keep things interesting. 


While Gary is excited to be part of a new case, he thinks he’s going to be in a case that’s done by the book. That risk/reward backfires and due to him being behind the scenes, he hears and sees more corruption going on and it’s not good. It’s the decision to not expose any of it or walk away from the case. 


With that comes his increased alcohol addiction that soothes his woes. Writing that was important because he needs an escape and a lot of police officers deal with having alcohol and drug addictions because of the stresses of the job. I didn’t want to make him addicted to drugs because then it makes him dysfunctional in some ways but most people can be functional alcoholics and manage their lives. It’s not to say drug addicts can’t be functional because it’s surely possible but through research I’ve learned a lot of police officers have alcohol addictions. 


Gary’s silence has hit a head and I end the book with him being paranoid and frantic. It leaves you wondering what’s going to happen next in Part 4, I tend to leave books on cliffhangers to keep the readers on their toes. 


Code Blue Part 3 of the series is available on Bookpatch, other bookstores and in audio


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Jamell Crouthers


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