How I Get My Book Ideas

Every once in a while, I talk to someone who really wants to know how my mind works. I was fortunate to be able to talk to a few people who asked me that one question, how do I get my book ideas? It's a process on how I get my book ideas, a lot of times it can be just thinking and brainstorming or it can be something that happens in the world. There are times where I'll have a conversation with someone about the world and then a light bulb goes off and a book idea comes to mind.


If you don't know by now, there's a black book that I carry with me everywhere I go. This book is where every idea, brainstorming session begins and ends and how I formulate chapters. Observation of the world, what has happened and what can potentially happen is how I get my book ideas. I'm not necessarily fixated on a specific societal issue. This gives me the flexibility to write about different subjects that I feel strongly about.


A lot of people don't like the way I format my books and how I write them but I don't expect the whole world to like my writing and how I write my books. It's different and sometimes people don't like different which is okay, everyone has their preferences.


I write this way because there are enough books and stories that have fairy tale endings and everyone lives happily ever after. The reality is, not many people have happily ever afters and get to live the life that they want. So that book idea I came up with was bound to be written and I definitely do write books about the state of the world at the present time.


The biggest part of my books are these can be read now and in the future for sure. For me, it's a longevity game and impacting people now but also in the future. 


This is the first time I delved deep into how I think and sharing that with you. My books are available on my website for purchase directly from me or the major book retailers. I also have audiobooks that I've recorded myself. I also have a podcast on societal issues, The Aquarianmind Podcast you can listen to.


Be good everyone and go accomplish your goals.


Jamell Crouthers


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