Embrace The JOURNEY

You're definitely going to be unsure of what's to come and where you're going. Just do me a solid favor when you're going through this... embrace the journey, go with the flow and see where it takes you. I started writing books and thought that's all I would be doing. Then came writing blogs, podcasts, audiobooks for the books I wrote, then screenplays. There are other things I plan on doing on this journey


Imagine if I limited myself to just books and didn't fully explore other platforms to get myself out there. Some people are visual, some are audio, it all depends and I want to be on every major platform possible. I'm still embracing the journey and living in uncertainty of what's to come. I continue going and seeing where life takes me.


What I want you all to understand and know, you're blessed and talented in many ways. Once you realize that, the sky's the limit and your career and goals will take off. People will always try to have a say in your journey but don't let them. You have to be the one that lives with the decisions you make at the end of the day.


Once you embrace the journey and let life guide you along the way, things become easier. Don't overthink too much, don't overanalyze things either. That will do nothing but hinder you from achieving what you want. You'll make bad investments, make irrational decisions and do things that you don't need to. It's all part of the learning curve and then you can pass on your valuable lessons to others.


Be good everyone and go accomplish your goals!


Jamell Crouthers


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