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If you want to control your life and what you do daily, you have to get to a place of independence. It's not easy but it's what has to be done to run your own show and live on your own terms.
If you're not willing to grind everyday, accomplishing your goals won't be possible. I talk about this and other things that you need to achieve greatness.
If you want it bad enough, failure is not an option. You keep going and do whatever it takes, nothing you want bad enough comes easy.
We always get told to strive for excellence but are we actually doing it? I talk about this in my blog.
The 4D's is what I live by and have been for years. I talk about how dream, drive, determination and dedication all matter when striving for greatness.
Discipline is the name of the game when it comes to accomplishing your goals and achieving greatness. I delve into that in this blog.
Compromising your goals will hinder you from achieving success. I talk about this in detail in this blog.
Believing in yourself that you can accomplish or achieving anything is so crucial. I write a blog about me believing in my talents and that you should too.
Taking action is the biggest form of working toward accomplishing your goals. The journey takes movement and being consistent doing it, it's only fitting this is the first blog in my motivation series.
An introduction to Motivation Wednesdays, what it will consist of and how I intend to keep people focused on their goals in life.