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Friday-Book Insight  · 09. July 2021
I Never Had Plans On Writing This Long
Sometimes in life, we don't realize how many talents and gifts we have. I never had plans on writing as long as I have but it's been an amazing journey and I talk about this.
This was a blog I never intended to write but I felt it was time I write how my brain works when it comes to writing. I share a few things, it's an interesting read.
When you take the time to embrace the journey, you'll appreciate how far you come when you get to the end goal. So take the time to enjoy every moment of your journey.
One of my favorite blogs I've written. I talk about why I'll always have goals, my mindset on it and sticking to my writing journey.
The 4D's is what I live by and have been for years. I talk about how dream, drive, determination and dedication all matter when striving for greatness.
Friday-Book Insight  · 05. June 2020
Insight to how I wrote, "The Struggles and Growth of a Man Part 3."
An introduction to Motivation Wednesdays, what it will consist of and how I intend to keep people focused on their goals in life.