Writing "Kids With Guns Part 2"

The start of 'Kids With Guns 2,' I wanted to bring the parents into the picture. Matthew and Max’s parents will be major players in the series going forward so it was only fitting that you heard their perspectives. Now, what’s the truth and what are the hidden truths, that’s the question but you the reader learn that as the series progresses. 


The main characters from Part 1 continue in this series as they are still dealing with the aftermath of the horrific shooting where they survived and are trying to heal from it. Some characters are good and some suffer some fates they weren’t ready for. I couldn’t write feel good stories for everyone and some had to have life changing ordeals that happened to them. 


It’s always about keeping things in perspective and looking at how life works and goes. I’m never about fairytale endings in all of my books. By the end of the book, you hear from the shooters themselves Matthew and Max. 


With a lot of school shootings, either the kids shoot and kill themselves or they survive but you never hear their side of the story. That changes in this series as they become main characters the rest of the series, it’s just you’re not going to hear from them in the beginning of any of these books the rest of the series. The reality is we’re talking about gun control, violence in America and the safety of others and I couldn’t just make this a Matthew and Max story only. 


This is definitely not an easy subject to talk about but it has to be discussed. Columbine, Sante Fe, Parkland, the list goes on and on. This is about children's lives and the safety of people, not just about having the right to own guns. The 2nd Amendment does give us the right to own guns but at what price? 


How are kids getting access to guns so easily like it's walking into a candy store and picking what you like and buying it. There are other things that go into this gun control ordeal, especially the agendas that are being pushed and the media utilizing their coverage to divide us as a nation. There's way more to this and it comes from the powers that be (do your research). 


Kids With Guns 2 is available on Bookpatch and all other bookstores! Part 3 insight coming next week! 


Be good everyone and go accomplish your goals!


Jamell Crouthers


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