Writing "Code Blue Part 5"

Ending this series was good for me, there was a lot that it took to write it. I knew I had to end it on good terms after all that Gary has been through. With 'Code Blue Part 5' I had to bring out his sensitive side where he wrote letters to his now ex-wife and his parents on his wrongs and how he’s still a work in progress.


He addresses his alcohol addiction and goes for help to alleviate that. He became the spokesman for police officers as a lot of them came forward with their stories. With the media attention came interviews and telling is story but also getting a new opportunity to come up his way. 


Gaining his sanity back was the biggest part of the series and it felt good to write that. While he gains that back, he knows that the memories of what was in the home he bought for his wife and son, he can’t stay in. He makes the decision to sell his house which I had to write because it’s time to move forward with life and not reflect on what was too much. 


What’s to happen next with Gary? He becomes a private investigator and that’s where the Private Investigator series will pick up in 2021. I honestly had no plans on continuing Gary’s story and to move onto other projects but I felt that I had more left in the tank to write. The Private Investigator series will be 5 books also with publishing dates in February, April, May, September and December. 


I hope you all enjoyed my insight into how I wrote this series, next...the hardest series I’ve written to date...The World We Live In. Stay tuned! Code Blue Part 5 is available on Bookpatch and all other bookstores!


Be good everyone and go accomplish your goals!


Jamell Crouthers


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