How My Brain Works With Writing

This is a blog I always said I wouldn't write. It's only because I never wanted anyone to fully get inside of my mind. I always feel that I need to keep certain to myself and that it's sacred in a lot of ways. 


Honestly, my brain and my mind are in cohesion when I sit down to write a book. I've been called a genius when it comes to this writing but I'm not. I'm just a regular average Joe trying to impact people and give people hope while saying, "we need to discuss these world/societal issues" and stop sweeping it under the rug.


I never take full credit for my writing. It's because my talent is GOD given (if you're not religious I respect that) but it's my truth. I thank him at the end of every book and I'll always continue to do that. 


When I start writing, it's about imagery and putting you there. It's making you feel that character at that exact moment. It's making you say, "damn I can relate to him/her." That's how my brain is working while writing these stories.


I force myself to step away from myself and  into another person's shoes and ask myself, "how would they feel at this exact moment in time?" It's why I'm able to craft these stories that are believable and relatable. 


A prime example of this is Heather from The World We Live In. She's an alcoholic and I've seen my share of them in my life but I had to put the reader in her shoes of her struggles and why. We don't just become alcoholics, it's a process to get to that place, there's a backstory to it. Everyone has experiences that shape who they are today. 


My brain can write the book and the story once the chapters are outlined and what I'm going to write about or discuss. This allows the words to flow and the addition of ambient, electronic, melodic music, everything flows smoothly. Sometimes I'll write something unexpected and I'll stick with it because I'm in the moment. 


Everything falls into place and the characters come out with ease. I become these characters in a lot of ways. I become entrenched in who I want them to be and how I want to portray them. 


I want you to emote and feel for them. But then I also want you to be mad at them for their decisions and say, "you're better than that" or "you're stronger than that." It's the craziness that goes on in my brain when I'm writing these stories. 


My love for writing different stories and challenging myself is how I think. That is the deep thoughts of how I write my books and craft stories that we can all relate to in some way.


What I will say is this, don't be afraid to be a little more open and vulnerable to sharing your journey. This blog is deep and thought-provoking and just maybe someone will be able to relate to this.


With that said, be good everyone and go accomplish your goals! 


Jamell Crouthers 


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