Have URGENCY When Finishing Your Goals

If you don't have an urgency to get things done, you will not finish a lot of what needs to be completed. Organize yourself and write down what things are most important when trying to finish your tasks and goals. Most of us need something visual to know what we need to do and what has to be done. I know I do, I am old school and write down "to do" lists every week and I check off things as I complete them.


I will admit, I do have a tendency to put things off and I end up re-writing it onto a new "to do" list the next week which isn't good. Which means I'm dodging it and I shouldn't be and know that a certain task needs to be done. An example may be editing and formatting a book that I wrote. Last year, my last book I'm publishing for the year, it took me too long to finish it. When I finished writing it, I avoided editing it for a good 3 weeks but I knew it had to be done.


It's now or later and later may cost you in other things that you may need to do. Remember everything falls on you when you're an entrepreneur or even if you want to be a lawyer or doctor. The reading isn't going to do itself, the studying isn't going to do itself. If you want to be a professional athlete, practicing and working on your craft isn't going to get done unless you go to the field, court or gym to get a workout in.


For me, the books aren't going to write themselves, the editing and proofreading isn't going to do itself. These blogs aren't going to write themselves, the podcasts aren't going to record themselves and neither are the audio books. Which is why I hold myself accountable for everything and why this blog was written months ahead of time. Yes, you heard that right, months ahead of time because that's how dedicated I am to my craft, motivating you guys, writing books on social issues and recording podcasts on what's going on around us.


Now I ask you, will you have the urgency to continually get work done? How bad do you want to succeed in what you love? How much do you love what you do? Are you going to get things done everyday? How much time and dedication are you going to have toward improving your craft? Take the time to think about it because that’s how you get ahead of everyone, that's for sure.


Be good everyone and go accomplish your goals!


Jamell Crouthers


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