HAPPINESS Is The Key To Success

Happiness is the name of the game. It's not money, cars, big houses, yachts, expensive vacations, buying materialistic things that will bring you happiness. You surely can't put it all in a casket and be buried with it, that's for sure. Now if you are striving for that as your end goal, then you're thinking about trying to impress others. If you want the money to be able to travel and live freely then great.


I'm not saying to not strive for a nice house or a nice car but do it on your own terms, not on other people's terms. Happiness is the key to success because if you love what you do everyday, the money will come and it won't even be that much of a concern. As they say the more money that comes your way, the more stressed you become and the more problems that come your way.


The world pushes out all of these celebrities, athletes and CEOs of companies who are rich as hell financially but mentally unhappy and emotionally drained. The money aspect is only shown but most of us don't know that they're going through things behind the scenes that we don't know of. If you think that they're happy with all of the money they have and the numerous problems they have, you're only fooling yourself.


When you see people who don't care to make millions but are fine making $500,000 a year and they're happy, they're good. There are people who are great at what they do and are cool making $250,000 a year, that's great too. The ideal goal for everyone is always $1 million dollars, that's when life starts and it's not really reality.


If you wake up everyday happy that you're alive, breathing, and have all of your extremities, then you're successful. Getting to do what you want and live life on your own terms, that's the added piece to your happiness. Whenever I have time to write these motivational and inspirational blogs, write my books, record my podcasts and work on audiobooks, I'm at my happiest.


Whenever this all takes off, I doubt I'll want a huge house or the most expensive car. It's because I'm happy living a simpler life and don't care for attention. I'm more focused on living on my own terms and traveling the world and experiencing different cultures.


With that said, be good and go accomplish your goals!


Jamell Crouthers



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