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Never Satisfied
Sometimes I don't know why I'm never satisfied with all that I've accomplished. Maybe it's a way to keep myself from getting complacent. Maybe there's more to it. You'll have to read the blog to find out...

Stop Trying To Fit In
Too many times, we are followers and trying to do what everyone is, is doing. I pen why it's important to not try to fit in with the world, trends and what people are doing.

Be Inspired By Life
The world is there for the taking and being inspired by life will take you far. Life has a lot to give to you so be sure to give back to it. This was one of my favorite motivational blogs so click and read it to find out why!

Races You May Lose, Marathons You'll Win
Races you might not win but marathons you will. It's something I've learned on my journey of life. I share a good story of my track days in high school that brings the analogy and story out more...

Find Five People Who Inspire You
This is an all-important blog. I write this blog to tell you to find five people who motivate and inspire you daily. I talk about who my five are and how they motivate and inspire me.

How To Get Back Your Motivation
We lost focus and motivation in our daily lives, even me. I talk about this and how to get it back to strive for greatness.

Who Inspires You To Work Hard?
It's the one question I love to ask, "who inspires you to work hard?" I pen this blog and express my thoughts on this.

Wake Up Motivated Daily
Waking up motivated daily to crush your goals is imperative. Don't spend your day being average, strive for greatness.

Get Into A ZONE
The biggest part of your journey is getting into a zone. You have to want it bad enough where you shutoff all distractions just to get the work done.

Impactful People Have Routines
The most impactful people have routines on a daily basis. I talk about this and how it's good to be routine in some things we do to achieve greatness.

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