Wake Up Motivated Daily

Everyday will be different no matter how much you plan. You’ll face some challenge or something will happen that will change the landscape of your day. The only thing with that is, how do you handle that if and when it happens? That’s why I wake up motivated daily. 


Waking up another day means it’s a new opportunity to reach someone new. Whether that’s on social media, in person or just a close friend. My content has to impact others and it has to matter to them and that’s why I wake up motivated daily.


Some days I’m not posting content but I’m working on something that will get me closer to my end goal. Do I wake up motivated everyday? No and that’s reality. Some days I have it and other days I don’t, that’s what makes me human.


There has to be a drive inside of you most days to accomplish your goals. There are going to be obstacles, distractions, things keeping you down, people not believing in you. How are you going to handle that? How do you manage your friends wanting to hangout when you know that your goals are more important than hanging out?


How do you overcome being tired in the morning or sick when your body isn’t your best? These are the things I’ve had to deal with and overcome on this journey. You will have to push through anything and everything and how you wake up and start your day will determine how much you get done and accomplish. It’s how I’ve been able to get so much done these past few years.


Stay focused, be good and go accomplish your goals!


Jamell Crouthers


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