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Character Development In A Series
Friday-Book Insight  · 27. May 2022
Writing a book series is hard enough as it is. Developing a myriad of characters is even harder. Some of them you'll like and some you won't. That's just the nature of writing a book series. I talk about the process of writing a lot of characters in a book series and keeping readers engaged.

Character Development In A Standalone Book
Friday-Book Insight  · 13. May 2022
Today's blog, I write about how I develop characters in a standalone book. With standalone books, you don't have much time to get a reader into the character and that's important. I share examples of two standalone books and how I wrote these characters.

Character Insight 'Kids With Guns' Blog #4
Friday-Book Insight  · 15. April 2022
It's the final blog of character insight in the 'Kids With Guns' series. It's some of the most important characters in Anthony, Brian, Alyssa and Layla. I delve into writing about these characters and my goals behind bringing their stories and perspectives to light.

Writing "A Woman's Worth 4"
Friday-Book Insight  · 01. April 2022
Alcohol addiction and mental health have been a major social issue affecting us in today's world. It affects women at a high rate and A Woman's Worth 4 is a book where I write about these things. This story is so important and my blog talks about what went into writing this book.

Character Insight 'Kids With Guns' Blog #3
Friday-Book Insight  · 18. March 2022
Another continuation blog of the 'Kids With Guns' series where this one is the nitty and gritty of characters. This will surely be a good one if you click and read!

Character Insight 'Kids With Guns' Blog #2
Friday-Book Insight  · 18. February 2022
Today's blog is the continuation of character insight into the book series, 'Kids With Guns' which talks about more characters and how that impacted the series. It's definitely another solid blog of content!

Character Insight "Kids With Guns" Blog #1
Friday-Book Insight  · 21. January 2022
Insight into the book series 'Kids With Guns' continues. I write about what went into writing the characters I did, why I wrote them and my goal behind the roles of each character in the series.

Writing "A Woman's Worth 1"
Friday-Book Insight  · 07. January 2022
It's the start of one of my biggest book series I've written in, "A Woman's Worth." This blog, I write about the start of this series, the subject matter, why I wrote about it and how important it is to shine light on this social issue.

Character Development In My Books
Friday-Book Insight  · 07. May 2021
Every book I write, it's about character development. I talk about that in this blog and the differences in writing certain series with a few characters compared to a larger amount of characters.

My Five Favorite Book Characters I've Written So Far
Friday-Book Insight  · 30. April 2021
This blog is a good one as I pen who my favorite characters I've written so far. This writing journey has been amazing and I want to share my thoughts on it.