Writing "Code Blue Part 4"

This was the book I decided, “it’s time.” It was time for Gary to expose the truth about everything he’s experienced, heard, been through, felt and lost along the way (family, friends, his sanity). It was going to be fulfilling and this breath of fresh air to unload the burdens Gary has lived with for months. 


Once again, while he does the right thing, there will be consequences for what he’s done. I wasn’t going to make this easy and smooth sailing. Coworkers, superiors and others would be angry at him and the backlash was coming at a hefty price. I had to write this in because this is the reality of what happens to police officers who expose the truths of what goes on behind closed doors. 


The risk/reward is there once again, I love to write these in storylines for a reason. The risk was exposing it all, getting ostracized by his own peers, the reward is he gets to repair the relationship he lost with his son Gary, Jr. I had to keep things in perspective with writing this that there’s good and bad in some situations and this was one of them.


The corruption comes to a screeching halt when every major person part of these cases are either arrested or investigated and that there’s hope in exposing these harsh truths of today’s society. It was fulfilling to write this book the most because throughout all of writing I was doing, I knew I was eventually going to write the silver lining to all of this. 


The last book insight for this series comes next week, are you ready?! Code Blue Part 4 is available on Bookpatch and other bookstores!


Be good everyone and go accomplish your goals!


Jamell Crouthers


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