When you were a kid, did you ever have a teacher who always said what the title of this blog is, "Strive for excellence?" I'm quite sure there was at least one teacher who had an impact on your life, you just didn't see it that way at that moment. But when you reflect back on it now, you realize they said this for a reason.


What happens as we get older and become adults, we become people who are trying to survive in a dog eat dog world. We stop striving for excellence in whatever we are doing. We are just trying to make it, living check to check and not focusing on our goals. We lose our sense of drive to do anything and mentally we become so tired of the daily grind.


We forget about those people when we were younger who always told us to strive for excellence. So take the time to think about your childhood and those who instilled values of hard work and dedication to what you love and are passionate about. Life is surely not what most of us are dealing with right now, paying rent, paying school loans, car payments, car insurance, food and whatever is left for us. Life is more than that so we must understand that we have to start living for us and not for others.


Think about your kids (if you don't have any, think of other younger kids) and what their lives will be in the future. Do you want them to see you living a life of mediocrity and living a monotonous life? Remember kids emulate what adults do and if they see you not striving for excellence, why would they do it themselves?


Life is a journey, we should enjoy it, not be mentally, physically and emotionally drained due to the way society is structured. This world is not structured for you to always win, we have to go out there and take what's ours.


Be good everyone and go accomplish your goals!


Jamell Crouthers


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