Some Won't Understand Your Journey

When I started my journey with writing books, I thought so many people would be excited for me, support me, repost my content but the reality is, no one really does any of that. Most people will not understand your journey and here’s why:

  • They don’t have big goals like you.
  • Their life is mediocre and they feel a certain way about you.
  • They want to see how far you’ll get before they support.
  • Because they know you personally, they won’t feel obligated to support you.
  • Most don’t have the drive and ability to do what you do daily.

Those are a few of many potential reasons for people not fully supporting you. For me as an author, a lot of people don’t read, but even when I record audiobooks, there’s still the question of why I write the content that I do. I had to make an important decision, don’t talk about my journey to everyone. 


People will ask questions to seem interested and in actuality, they’re really not. Understand and know that, it’s not the end. You can’t focus on those who don’t understand your journey, where you are going and the destination you’re trying to get to. It’s not the end all, be all, remember that. 


Don’t lose focus on what you’re trying to accomplish and achieve. I’ve taken the time to understand myself, who is worth my time and energy and how to stay mentally focused on what’s important to me. Try not to get down on yourself when you’re not getting the support you want and feel you deserve even after all of the work you’ve done. 


Stay focused, stay the course, be good and go accomplish your goals!


Jamell Crouthers


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