When You're Determined, No One Can Stop You

Sometimes we don’t realize our own power. We don’t fully grasp that we are in control of our own destinies. We forget how powerful our minds are and what we are capable of. I write this blog because people will always try to slow you down from achieving greatness. 


When you’re determined to be great, no one can stop you. You determine how much you want it and how far you want to go. People’s opinions of your goals and dreams don’t matter if they’re not supporting the cause. 


You should always go after what you want and let no one stop you. Too many times in life, we doubt ourselves and never reach our full potential. Too many times in life, we stop ourselves because of a lack of confidence and feeling insecure. I’m here to tell you, don’t let anyone deter you. 


People will always think you’re crazy or they don’t think you can achieve that. Remember, most people that doubt you are the same exact ones who have no purpose in their lives. Continue to think about the end goal of where you want to be and you’ll for sure get there. 


You’re not going to get the support from those who know you personally until you’re at the finish line. Stay focused, be good and go accomplish your goals!


Jamell Crouthers


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