Character Development In My Books

The biggest part of any book series for me is character development. It’s moving the story to where it’s engaging and keeps you the reader into each book. There’s a challenge in that, especially when there are multiple characters in a book series.


There’s a difference in writing The Struggles and Growth of a Man series, Code Blue series to The World We Live In series and Kids With Guns series. With The Struggles and Growth and Code Blue series, I’m dealing with 2 characters each per series. When it comes to The World We Live In series there’s 19 characters throughout the five books and over 30 characters throughout five books in the Kids With Guns series.


Keeping characters relevant, seeing growth, writing potential setbacks, it’s all part of writing stories. The way I go about it is reviewing what I’ve written in the previous book and then planning how I want to continue the story of a specific character. 

As the series progresses, sometimes things can become challenging, especially for characters who are in every book of the series. When you have certain characters in one or two books, there’s isn’t as much to put into their stories.


Each character you’ll emote, feel and come to learn of who they are. That’s the ultimate goal for me and sometimes you’ll be happy, sad, angry at them but that’s part of writing social issues stories. Always remember, I try to write fictional stories that correlate to real life and I want you to remember the characters I write about. 


That’s my blog for today, thank you for reading, be good everyone, and go accomplish your goals!


Jamell Crouthers


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